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Hämeenlinna Theater - Meaning and appeal from theater


Hämeenlinna Theater makes courageous and renewed theater that is easy to fall in love with and relate to for the audience and theater-makers alike. Our distinctive repertoire is a suitable mix of music theater, national plays, premieres and fascinating visiting acts ー familiar and new.

We have welcomed audiences from near and far to experience memorable theater and cultural experiences for more than 120 years. We work in the inspiring culture quarter of Verkatehdas and are the largest professional theater in the Tavastia Proper region.



We create high-quality theater that evokes emotions, generates discussions and awakens societal interest. At our theater you will always get to experience something new and unexpected that raises you above the ordinary everyday life. We show you how you can, with the help of art and culture, imagine a completely new world. The magic of theater reaches beyond the confines of the theater’s hall ーyour enjoyment

starts with the ticket sale and lasts all the way until your journey home.



We are a small big theater, which means we offer world-class experiences close to people. Being an integral part of the community of Hämeenlinna and strengthening the local appeal together with our devoted audience is essential to us. We want to bring meaning, passion and well-being to people’s lives. We draw material from a rich cultural heritage as ingredients for broadening one’s worldview, airing out thoughts and improving one’s skill of harmonious living. We are a creative and encouraging work community that succeeds and exceeds itself together.